Does Your Watch Have Balls? The New Black Titanium Bradley by Eone Time Does!


Feel The Time

New Launch, The All Black Titanium Bradley Ball Bearing Watch

Get one reserved today as we expect them to sell out fast! These are now available to pre-order and will be shipped in early November.
Designed and created by US design company Eone Time, The Bradley is a tactile timepiece that allows you to not only see what time it is, but to feel what time it is.
Instead of traditional watch hands, time is indicated by two ball bearings — one indicating minutes (top), and one indicating hours (side).
These two ball bearings are connected, with magnets, to a watch movement beneath the watch face.The magnets make it so that even if the ball bearings are moved when touched, they spring back to the correct time with a gentle shake of your wrist.

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The timepiece is named after Bradley Snyder, an ex-naval officer who lost his eyesight in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011 yet went on to win gold and silver medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.
It was launched after a hugely successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and has since been nominated for Design Museum’s Design of the Year award.
This version comes with a black stainless steel mesh strap and black titanium case.

Casio G-Shock GPW-1000 GravityMaster - See The World's First GPS Solar Atomic Wave Ceptor Hybrid Watch


World's First GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor

G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW-1000

Two mutually complementary time correction systems are integrated in a hybrid system that provides easier, more reliable time-calibration signal reception by using GPS data to adjust the time, even in environments outside the range of terrestrial radio waves.
GPW10001BJF bs1
G-Shock GravityMaster GPW-1000-1BCR Black/Grey Watch
Gshock GPW10001Afront2
G-Shock GravityMaster GPS-1000-1ACR Black/Blue - LIMITED EDITION
GPW10004AJF bs1
G-Shock GravityMaster GPW-1000-4ACR Orange/Black Watch
Global Positioning System + Multi Band 6 radio signal reception capability
GRAVITYMASTER is equipped both to receive time-calibration signals by radio wave from any of the six transmission stations worldwide for use in precision time correction and to receive transmissions of position and time data from GPS satellites. It integrates the applications of two types of timepiece — a radio-controlled watch capable of more reliable signal reception and a GPS watch with wider-area coverage —to ensure time-keeping accuracy beyond the limits of conventional watches.
Original GPS algorithm providing faster, more accurate positioning information
When it receives positioning data from a GPS satellite, the system employs high-resolution map data to determine the user’s current location more precisely. Application of a variable data analysis technique to group regions with the same Summer Time setting in the same time zone enables it to make quick, accurate time difference adjustments.
New evolutionary advances in time telling
When the watch receives transmissions from a GPS satellite, the second hand indicates the current time and appropriate city name, while the small hand in the 3 o’clock position displays the latitude at the current location. A next-generation solar-powered, radio-controlled watch with full functionality in any region or time zone, the new GPS HYBRID WAVE CEPTOR has evolved uniquely in terms of both time telling and data presentation.
Gshock GPW1000


The New Qlocktwo Fine Steel Watch Is Here - Spell The Time With 110 Carved Letters


Qlocktwo Fine Steel Mesh

110 Letters Carved From Brushed Stainless Steel

For the first time, Biegert & Funk is exhibiting a completely new kind of wristwatch, now completely covered by and cut from brushed steel. It does not show the time with hands or digits. Time is indicated on this purist watch as readable text, turning it into a statement: “It is half past nine”. The square watch face has a uniform grid of 110 letters. When the stainless steel button is pressed, words light up in unexpected places which describe the time. The initially random order of the characters lends this wristwatch a mysterious aesthetic. QLOCKTWO makes you aware of the moment. Showing the time becomes an interesting experience for the owner.

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Achtung! New German Automatic Watches Added - All Are Half Price


New Time Machines

Brand New and Half Price

Brand new Automatic watches, and for a limited time, get them for 50% off during our Cloktoberfest Watch Event! The latest additions to our extensive German watch sale feature these classically complicated timepieces from Aeromatic and Rebosus.
Ever wanted to lift the hood and get a look at what really makes your watch tick? For a simple quartz watch, the only moving parts seem to be the battery replacements year after year. But a mechanical watch is a true Time Machine, a dizzying play of cause and effect, where gears, cogs, wheels, rotors and springs work in precise unison to keep you as painfully punctual or as fashionably late as suits you. Mechanical and automatic watches that can outlive you but don't have a life without you.
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Must See New Colors From Vestal Watches' Most Popular Styles


Cool New Color Combos

Reinvented Vestal Watch Classics

The latest additions to our Vestal watch collection feature stylish new sand leather straps & wood links to the most popular collections as well as black steel gold special editions. See them all below...
True Vestal aficionados have passionate interest in music, fashion and art and cannot be boxed in to any particular demographic. Vestal's goal has always been to become more than a time-telling device but rather an extension of a music-inspired lifestyle.
See all Vestal Watches here or check out these new releases:
Vestal CTN3L10full
The attention to detail showcased by the crown extends to the dial which is designed with classic, double printed indices and a traditional outside minute track. The solid stainless steel case is paired with a custom, genuine calfskin leather strap with thick, contrast stitching. With a water resistance rating of 10 ATM/100 meters, the Canteen is built to withstand the pressure.
Vestal DOP011full
The Doppler is a premium round analog watch with a one-of-a-kind stainless steel bezel with big bold numbers, radial inspired dial, helicopter second-hand and a bullet-proof top-loaded case design.
Vestal PLWCM001full
This Vestal watch's distinctive band and uncommon dial design make this watch truly one-of-a-kind. The Plexi wood link construction is outfitted with your choice of three different unique materials thus proving to be one of our most noticeable pieces.
Vestal PLWCM002full
Vestal OB3L008full
A signature Vestal timepiece -- the Observer Leather is finished with structural elements that add strength and durability like a raised, chamfered bezel (designed to protect the crystal), top loaded case construction, and an easy-access battery hatch.
Vestal OBCS008full
Inspired by commissioned naval ships from the United States Navy, the USS Observer Chrono is a premium chronograph enclosed in a round 47mm 316L solid stainless steel case and 22mm silicon rubber strap. This watch is finished with premium structural elements that add strength and durability including a raised and chamfered bezel designed to protect the crystal without interfering with dial visibility.
Vestal OBCS010full
Vestal GDEDP04full
The Guide is a premium, multi-sensor digital movement surrounded by a 48mm 316L surgical-grade stainless steel case and an ultra, scratch-resistant K1 crystal. The movement features an instant Altitude read out along with an elevation-gain graph. The Barometer is ready to alert you if your summit attempt is a poor decision with the storm warning indicator. The digital compass, when paired with the bi-directional rotating bezel, will hold your bearing for quick reference. The custom strap is 22mm wide polyurethane featuring the patent-pending, modified OKTOLOCK system and a 316L surgical-grade, stainless steel buckle. All case, strap and buckle connection points utilize screw-down, stainless steel parts for added durability. Finally the 10 ATM water resistance means this watch can withstand the elemental forces that can occur during river crossings or high-alpine thunderstorms.
Vestal GDEDP06full1
Vestal DIG028full
Vestal DIG031FULL
The Digichord is Vestal’s thinnest and most lightweight watch. Only 5.5 millimeters at its thickest point. That’s not much thicker than a couple compact discs. If it didn’t look so good, you’d forget you had it on.
Vestal DIG028side
5.5mm THIN case!
Vestal BRGOLDfull
Vestal BRG022full
Vestal Brig Tide & Train Lime
The Brig Tide is a digital tide & train watch that can track the tide at over 200 beaches worldwide for the next 20 years. It also offers a host of other high end features like a digital tide graph that features current tide height, quick access to Vestal's own custom training mode with "Suffer and Recover" interval timer, and Heat Mode with countdown timer so you can practice your surf heats like the Pros. The watch strap is secured to your wrist with a new patent pending OKTOLOCK system. The OKTOGRIP raised pattern on the underside of the band means significantly less rubber contact against your skin providing greater breathability, more flexibility, and a lighter feel on your wrist.