Debbie Does Switzerland - Erotic Automaton (Antique Porn) Watches

Warning, this post features Victorian porn...

Brequet et Fils "Calvacade" 1820

Before the Internet, before porno videos, before XXX theatres on 42nd st, before you could imagine a time there was porn...there was porn.

Very austere & traditional timepieces with concealed secret compartments depicting graphic mechanically animated and intricately painted sex acts. Some featuring such taboo match-ups as three-ways and multi-ethnic couples. Generally the animation consisted of the "thrust" with others much more complex. All produced by integrated or separate automaton movements.

Henry Moser & Cie "Local Hospitality" 1910

"Theatre of Love" 1820
Non-animated scene with concealing cover

It's a rich & dirty tradition that continues today with some of the most respected watch companies (Ulysse Nardin, Blancpain, Chopard, Hublot and Gerald Genta) selling their own modern haute-porn. Rarely advertised by any of them and some with price tags well over $100,000 US.

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