Death To Analog - New Digital Destruction, Time Is Short, Nadir & Lunaround from PROJECTS WATCHES at Watchismo


A Gaggle of Cool New Concept Watches from Projects

Time for some fun!

Analog cruelty defined by Projects 'Digital Destruction' watch. Quite literally busting through a traditional hand dial to expose the glowing digits below the face.

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projects2Available in three styles, click image to see the Digital Destruction collection

Projects 'Time Is Short' Mystery X-Ray Watch

With a flick of the wrist, remind yourself that you're just flesh and bone! The first wristwatch within a wristwatch timepiece.

projects3Projects Time Is Short Watch

Projects 'Nadir' Orbiting Hands Watch

Not like anything we've seen before at Watchismo, the Nadir watch has three central facing hands floating across a blacked out dial orbiting a central 'core' of time display, truly unique! A Nadir is the deepest point on a celestial sphere directly beneath a surface position.
Projects7265sideProjects Nadir Watch

Projects 'Lunaround' Disc/Hand Watch

A simple hour hand? No, wait, it's floating... Look again, those are digits being exposed underneath the hand!
Projects7268sideProjects Lunaround Watch

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Rethink Antique with the Alessi Dressed Watch Collection at Watchismo


Antiquated Minimalism!

Modern meets Baroque in these original new timepieces from Dutch designer Marcel Wanders for Alessi

The Alessi Dressed watches have two unique sides - its simple, outward face that you share with the world & a secret decorative underside reminiscent of ornate wood carvings from centuries ago. The watch is more than just a machine to track time; it's the final touch in being dressed for the occasion.

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Cool New Smart Watches from Vestal - High tech doesn't mean it has to look geeky!


New Smart Watches from Vestal

The A,B,C's of The Guide - Altimeter, Barometer, Compass

The Guide is a premium, multi-sensor digital movement surrounded by a 48mm 316L surgical-grade stainless steel case and an ultra, scratch-resistant K1 crystal.

The movement features an instant Altitude read out along with an elevation-gain graph. The Barometer is ready to alert you if your summit attempt is a poor decision with the storm warning indicator. The digital compass, when paired with the bi-directional rotating bezel, will hold your bearing for quick reference.

Finally the 10 ATM water resistance means this watch can withstand the elemental forces that can occur during river crossings or high-alpine thunderstorms.

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The Brig Tide is a digital tide & train watch that can track the tide at over 200 beaches worldwide for the next 20 years. It also offers a host of other high end features like a digital tide graph that features current tide height, quick access to Vestal's own custom training mode with "Suffer and Recover" interval timer, and Heat Mode with countdown timer so you can practice your surf heats like the Pros.

The watch strap of both the Brig & the Guide is secured to your wrist with a new patent pending OKTOLOCK system. The OKTOGRIP raised pattern on the underside of the band means significantly less rubber contact against your skin providing greater breathability, more flexibility, and a lighter feel on your wrist.

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Before anyone else, get your Devon Tread 2 at Watchismo


Be The First For The Second!

The Much Anticipated Devon Tread 2 Time Belt Watches were just unveiled at Baselworld and have been completely redesigned in four distinct styles, the Nightmare, Ghost, Shining & Murder.

Limited quantities are now available for preorder at

Reserve yours before they're gone...and trust us, based upon the overwhelming Baselworld response, they are going to sell out well before they even arrive early this summer.

Designed, developed, engineered and manufactured in Southern
California with American aerospace engineers and suppliers who are not constrained by tradition or status-quo but are accustomed to pushing the boundaries of what’s been done before.

The Tread 2 is not only more affordable than the Tread 1, the enhancements continue inside the case. DEVON Tread 1 owners will notice a more mature functionality that perfectly suits the flavor of the Tread 2.” In addition, Devon has incorporated a chronograph feature, which is a treat to behold. Actuated by pushing down on the crown, the chronograph ticks off seconds on the minutes belt and minutes on the hours belt and can be reset at the touch of a cleverly designed button situated in the middle of the crown.

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Tread 2 continues to use of the Tread 1's patented movement technology employing an innovative system of fiberglass-reinforced nylon Time Belts. The belts are only 2/1000th's of an inch thick and are a technology appropriated directly out of the cockpits of airliners like the Boeing 747 where they indicated vital measurements such as air speed and fluid levels. the belts are mounted on a central chassis and driven by two extremely compact microstep motors. These motors and all other watch functions are controlled by a microcontroller, essentially an extremely compact computer inside the heart of the watch. Loaded with DEVON's proprietary software, this computer manages all of the timepiece's functions and ensure precision time-keeping, the preliminary testing of which indicates an unusually accurate tolerance of only one half-second per day.

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Mother's Day at Watchismo

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New Ventura Sparc Sigma MGS Sideview Mechanical Digital Watch - How the heck does it work???


Back From Basel!

New Ventura Sparc Sigma MGS
Revolutionary Mechanical Digital Timekeeping!

The Sigma MGS was the original contoured side-viewing design when first unveiled as a prototype concept years ago.

No longer just a dream, these fully realized bad-ass watches were introduced last week at the Baselworld Watch Fair in Switzerland.
Part of an extremely limited edition of only fifty pieces, they are available for immediate purchase at Watchismo.

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ventura-email3Wristshots of the stainless steel and black steel Ventura Sparc Sigma MGS Watches
ventura-email4Black Steel Ventura Sparc Sigma MGS
ventura-email5Stainless Steel Ventura Sparc Sigma MGS

Listen to inventor/designer/creator/founder Pierre Nobs explain the SPARC MGS history and new collection, just click the YouTube image above.

Pierre Nobs & Ventura invented the Automatic Digital Watch in 2000. The movements of the wrist activate a rotary mass which relays the momentum to a micro-generator; the electric energy gained in the process continuously feeds an optoelectronic time-module. The Micro-Generator-System of the new SPARC MGS was developed to achieve maximum performance. Placing the MGS side-by-side next to the time-device enabled a larger and heavier oscillating mass. This array also permits the viewing of the mechanism from the top, giving the SPARC MGS its characteristic appearance. The miniature power-station sustains a state-of-the-art micro-processor and a 250-segments 12-digit liquid-crystal display. The latest operating system EasySkroll v.2.0 allows later upgrades, another first in wristwatches. The multiple functions of the SPARC MGS are intuitively operated by a single scroller.
Watch is supplied in "V-Winder" automatic winding wood box (Sparc MGS shown)